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Posted 15 November 2017 - 05:39 AM

I've never seen so many white people dancing on their graves as they celebrated the impending legalization of sodomite pairings in Australia today. A vote for marriage equality they’re calling it. Oh really? That's like calling the legalization of pedophilia (give it a few more years) a vote for age equality.

Dogs don't get a good rap in the Bible, being unclean beasts and all, but even they have the good sense to turn their snouts up at anal sex. That makes poofters worse than dogs.

While it's been a day of gloom for Christian patriots in this country, never forget that Jesus Christ Himself is going to annul every last one of these sham "marriages" by the edge of a sword when He returns to take His earthly throne and make biblical law the law of the land. Imagine there's no poofters. It's easy if you try.

For the nonce, white Australians who voted yes can look forward to increasing numbers of successful and ever-worsening terrorist acts committed by peaceable muzzies living within our borders, the destruction of whatever tattered remnant of our manufacturing base is left, and the record levels of unemployment and poverty that will create, a huge burst in the property bubble that will see the Chinese winning a true-life game of Monopoly where all the choice real estate ends up in their hands, an acceleration in the irreparable decay of public infrastructure and institutions, and the permanent loss of pensions and assorted benefits along with a massive rise in non-white-on-white crime, especially violent crime, as we become a minority in our own land and the aliens among us an openly hostile majority. There is a terrible price to pay for spurning God, and we as a people must pay it until life becomes so unbearably perilous and impoverished for us that we have no choice but to turn to Him.

Repent or perish, white Australians!

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